INsıDE Resıdence and Shoppıng Mall

INsıDE Resıdence and Shoppıng Mall

Project detaıls

INsıDe Resıdence and Shoppıng Mall – Concept Project


Locatin: Mezitli, Mersin, Turkey

Type: Mixed Use

Client: ———

Area: 32.000 sqm

Year : 2014


Located on Mersin’s most important business coastline Adnan Menderes Boulevard on the last remaining 11 acres of land on the sea planned shopping centers and housing projects in the zero position it is foreseen to provide an alternative living area. Project semi-outdoor shopping area, brand sports center, cinemas, indoor and outdoor pools, 3 floors underground parking, consists of social spaces and housing. Wind, solar orientation, and only a few of the main themes in the waste of energy consuming building concept here.